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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 9, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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fell...and are we finished well it's about time. the wettest weekend in more than a year. how much rain fell and are we finished with the storm? it won't let you take your eyes off of it because of the freight train it's got going. >> an incredible waterfall. where there was, it was none. the scary phoenix sight. why zoo keepers killed a perfectly healthy giraffe. tonight the bay area is beginning to dry out. brian webb is in the county where the north bay is totaling up the highest rain fall amounts. brian? >> reporter: hi. and you know half an hour ago it was raining hard here. now barely a sprinkle as we're at the lucky drive in the county. notorious for flooding as you can see right behind me, not
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too by as cars are whizzing by, kicking up water, but that's about it. what a wet weekend it was. the russian river roared again. carrying thins like christmas trees -- things like christmas trees downstream and stopping the aguilera family in their tracks. >> hopefully this will stop. >> reporter: some of the wetter spots were found in sonoma county. the half an inch hour rain hours, enough to drench golf courses and fish for a chance of a future. >> now they were stuck here, but they have a chance to go up. center yeah, there is pretty much nothing. we needed it. >> reporter: this is sonoma creek, one of the first spots in the area to flood, now looking more like a raging river. less than a week ago it was virtually bone dry. a part of the creek made their way to the intersection of
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highway 121 and highway 12, fit for boats than small cars. locals call it the swamp because it flooded so much. >> we're suppose to get this much rain, which has made everybody breathe a little easier. >> reporter: and also in the north bay, one of many mud slides keeping crews busy. an order of sandbags all around at a watering hole that actually became a watering hole on a super soaker sunday. and the bar i showed you is in mill valley. not only is water coming up through the front doors, but it's bubbling up through the sinks. what kind of weather is ahead? >> reporter: brian, we're all happy for the desperate fish as the high-def doppler shows you that things are drying up at this hour. we have a few light showers lingering across the parts of the coast range, which is about
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it. but boy as brian webb pointed out, what a weekend it was. they show you almost a foot of rain at kentfield. that's not far from where brian is actually. we picked up a little more than three inches to make a difference. well yeah, it is better than not getting it. the north bay started off with a deficit of 30 inches behind where we should be at this season. we picked up a foot of rain, getting us a third of the way there. that's only one index. but is being reflected up in the -- but it is being reflected up in the bay area. whiteout conditions where most of the ski resorts did very well, adding about three feet of snow to the basin. here are a few totals, squall valley 64 inches. and sierra and tahoe will add about five feet of snow, which will happen overnight.
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the most important part of this is what will happen an ex. >> all right, brian. well most people in the bay area are celebrating the rain as don knapp shows you that they are thrilled about the water, but concerned about the proximity. a big powerful waterfall like this is not unusual when it rains heavy in mill valley, unless, of course, it is headed for your house. >> we were worried. it's 24 inches from the house. all we need is another couple inches of rain. >> giving them not one, but two falls. >> it won't let you take your eyes off of it because of the freight train it's got going. every once in a while it will shake the house. >> reporter: when they moved in a year ago, all they say in the backyard was an overgrown brush. they had an idea, but no idea that it could get so big. >> you discovered a national park in your own backyard. >> we've officially named this
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place me wall falls. >> reporter: it is bad news, but the owners of this property, they obviously couldn't be happier. he does admit to some misgivings earlier in the day when the water came closer to the house, but feels some relief now that the storm has passed. so living on top of this water, do you have a plan b? >> not really. we're hoping insurance will cover it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: don knapp, kpix 5. a minor rock slide came down on a road, where it was more mud than rocks. the storm soaked and washed through many parts of the central and northern bay area. this is the great highway in san francisco as drivers had to navigate the deep puddles, but many people didn't care. even the beach can be beautiful with a storm. they spoke to some people who didn't mind getting all wet.
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>> reporter: along the great highway, traffic lights lead it in confusion after a constant hit by the rain. storm problems weren't nearly water logged. at the cliff house a wind turbine had to be secured after several pieces broke off due to high winds. the storm didn't have everyone muddling with their rain gear. >> we've been waiting for rain for so long. >> reporter: though shine was most definitely out of the question today. >> just because we lost to your team 13-1 does not mean that i don't know how to play frisbee. >> reporter: the rain is for many. >> and it is a responsible california time. nice to see rain as we so desperately needed it. >> reporter: it's a chance to pull out the rain boats, which have spent quality time soaking up dust in the closet. >> they were sort of at the point where i was already soaked enough that it really
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didn't seem like it could make it any worse. >> reporter: as you're sitting on your sofa wondering how wet is it? check out the water on our camera lens. it is drenched. though water exists. just ask this guy who lost them. >> according to the polar vortex, this is the cake walk. >> kpix 5. >> a good perspective there. the weather caused power outages all over the bay area today. the worse was in san francisco where nearly 4,000 customers lost power this morning. 219 in berkeley, 117 in oakland. where down trees are to blame with 275 in the north bay. and as you can imagine, the weather is causing problems at sfo. airlines are canceled. 114 flights today, and some flights were delayed from 60 to 90 minutes. you can track flights any time
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on kpix. you can check it out on your smart phone. drunk driving is suspected in a crash that killed six people on a highway down near los angeles. the highway patrol said that the woman was driving east in the westbound lanes of highway 60 in diamond bar. that's about 30 miles east of los angeles. the accident happened just before 5:00 in the morning when she hit two separate cars. >> we lost six family members. it's horrific. four of them were deceased on the scene. two of them passed away at the hospital. >> the female driver suspected of causing the accident survived in critical condition. investigators found alcohol in the car, but they're waiting for blood test results to see if she was drunk. checking bay area headlines. if you caught a glimpse of the bay area bridge tonight, you might have noticed a few lights out. on the western span of the bridge, they were out of the
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area. and cal tran is investigating the discovery of rain water inside the new water tight section of the bay bridge. and the leaking could cause corrosion and weaken the bridge as they tell us that they could fix the problem as there is always the potential for leaking. we expect to get a better look at the leaks tomorrow. the rancho slaughter house is recalling nearly nine million pounds of beef. they accuse the company of processing disease and unhealthy cattle in their products. they ended up at a distribution center in stores california, florida, illinois, and texas, but it is still not known which stores, as there are no reports of any illnesses. a tribute in a reunion, 50 years in the making. salute to the beatle tonight some of the biggest names in music took part in a grammy salute to the beatles,
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finally getting to the main event with a paul and ringo reunion. the memory i have is like, you know, bigger than this. you know what i mean, there were thousands of them. >> we'd like to go back to the old schools, you know. >> yeah, you're right. >> but you also built the best selling athlete with all of america. a healthy young giraffe killed by the very zoo keepers who cared for him. how they are debating on the controversial decision. a golden day for american athletes. details on today's olympic events. keeping an eye on the group. what lulu lemons says that customers could not do with their clothes even if you own them. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. the situation is getting mo desperate to evacuate the time is running out tonight and the situation is getting more desperate to evacuate the syrian city. the elderly women and children are fleaing by the hundreds on the three-day event.
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the city has been undersieged for years by forces loyal to their president. it created terrible living conditions. aimed at negotiating their three-day deal in switzerland. violent protests in turkey today after a government crackdown on internet access. demonstrators threw stones and fireworks and police responded with tear gas and water cannons. turkey's proposed internet laws would allow government to violate websites. the prime -- the prime minister made the u.s. safer. december pate an outcry from -- despite an outcry, the zoo killed a healthy 18-month old calf named marius today
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feeding his carcass to -- carcass and fed it to the lions. 27,000 people signed petitions to save the giraffe. several zoos said they would take him. one person offered $68,000 to buy him. the zoo keepers are standing by their decision. a delicate situation at the white house. the french president is on the guest list for a state dinner on tuesday, just last month though. he split with his long-time partner and first lady after details surfaced of a two-year affair with a french actress. the fact that the president will arrive alone creates a problem for the white house staff. >> it is always nice and easier for seating both the president and the first lady's table if you can have the spouses, you know, seated on one side of the president and first lady. >> milan will not be the first president to appear solo at the white house.
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during the bush administration in 2007, they arrived having just announcing his divorce. a live look now at sochi, russia, where the 2014 winter olympic games are getting underway. allophone sew has the results of today's competition -- alfonso has the results for today's competition winners. if you don't want to see results, turn away. in the new extreme olympic sport of snowboarding slope style. >> it just felt good to be able to get something that i knew i could do. >> reporter: the extreme sports star shaun white pulled out of the men's event, calling the course intimidating. white's mom is proud of the women taking risks on the slopes. >> i think the gills doing what they -- the girls doing what they are, it is insane. >> some ticketholders are missing out on great olympic
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events because they are not allocating enough time to get through security checks. sochi officials admit 10% of ticketholders missed events on day one of the games because of the poor time keeping as there were plenty of open seats at the mountain olympic venue where bode miller chased gold in the men's downhill. but the five-time olympic medalist finished a disappointing eighth. >> you want so much for them to win and to just feel that excitement. but on the other hand you have to be so proud they are here. >> reporter: and to hear it a lot from spectators in sochi that the olympics aren't only about collecting medals, but also about the spirit of friendly competition. cbs news, sochi. in a day's end the u.s. stands third in the medal count behind norway and the netherlands with four. two of them gold. and as we have seen at the olympics, the big air lift as he took a tight rope walk many
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front of a crowd of 30,000. it was stretched more than 100 feet up in the air, his first walk inside a dome as the event was a part of the winter games, a large christian music gathering. >> he looked like he was going to work in his cubical. we are looking at the kpix 5 high-def doppler showing most of the activity is evaporating after a fairly robust plume of moisture stretching here to north of hawaii. dumping as much as a foot of rain in parts of the bay area and next to nothing down in the south bay. you know, we get most of our water from the reservoirs to the north. so we look for the rain in san jose to water your lawns, but in terms of water supplies we'll take what we've got as we did pretty well, zooming in on this as there is not much left to see as we continue to sweep the north bay to get a chance to drain and dry finally. a few little showers out along the east bay, but not much. down in the south bay a few
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lingering showers. that's about it. and the rainfall total was copious though. these are just 24 hour totals. in oakland about an inch and half of rain. it is just about a tenth of an inch up top. and then ben is what, 25 miles from downtown san jose picking up inches of rain and san jose just .4 inches. in the city we had more than .23 inches. santa rosa, almost two inches. and so you have seen what the effects of having a mountain nearby could do -- so you can see the benefits of living nearby a mountain. santa rosa picked up more than a foot and a half of rain. these are totals for the last 96 hours. oakland picked up 1.75 inches. and san jose, 1.75 inches. here is what's happening right
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now. the low pressure staying offshore to guide all the moisture away is going to subside under building high pressure and the jet stream will take the rain to the north and the high reasserts itself. not as strongly as it was forced before. but all the rain heads up to the pacific northwest as seattle gets rain all week, we'll have partly sunny skies throughout the week. so the temperatures return to the bay area setting out as you can see it mostly dissipates tomorrow morning and then we'll get increasing sunshines tomorrow afternoon. out the door tomorrow, we're looking for fog as you head out the coast as there will be fog along the bay. inland and fair later on in the day with a chilly start. posting above 7,000 feet tonight with 2/3 foot of snow as they will take every flight that they could get. rainfall for the season so far, where do we stand? we were better than where we were about 20% average of the rainfall right now as we're
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about a third. far a little bit better in santa rosa. it was a giant step and enough to erase much of the drought. showers in fog form, drying out on monday. it's a tomorrow we'll look at numbers of 40 degrees. a chance of rain coming into the north bay happening on wednesday night. as we extend this into the weekend, we'll be partly sunny. one more shot of rain late. but it won't be anything like what we had today and today was pretty darn good. all right well it's the ultimate starbucks rebust. why an l.a. area business says they could use the coffee giant's cache. ,,,,,,,,,,
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rbucks... but coffee addicts doing a double take in l.a. as it looks like your neighborhood starbucks, but there's a twist. it's called done starbucks opening up in front of big crowds this weekend. >> look, it's $2.50. i could not be happier. >> i have no clue what this is as i suppose that they ordered this. >> well the owners are keeping a low profile, but they claim that it is legal under parody laws. one patron suspects it's a cover for a reality show, not surprisingly that it is a hit on social media. and someone is tweeting to get some dumb starbucks before the dumb lawyers get to it. and the clothing company lulu lemon wants their exclusive line to stay exclusive. the company is telling customers if they resell their gear on ebay that they will be banned from shopping on the company's website. some customers say that they
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have been banned. and they even were called personally by the company as they say they are trying to protect customers from counterfeiters and to avoid people marking out the price of their garments. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from pebble beach, the weather held off. we'll tell you about it next.
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hello everybody, we are just outside the lodge where the party will be continuing in the top room. the question for the final round, could jimmy walker hold on to their sixth stroke lead and win the at&t? and here is how it came out as the deer came out to sea if walker would cough it up. it's headed on for them far, where they needed to sink the next put to win it. so walker avoids being a part of history, the third win of the season, the first ever at pebble beach. meanwhile they lost to washington for the first time since 2005. they had nine threes while they shot under 35%. the lady cardinals lose only the second time this year, 87- 82. and we'll hear more from dennis on channel 5 at 11:00
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tonight. thanks for watching tonight. >> good night. ,, ,,,,,,
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